Menu of Total Recall Services

  • Broadcast Captioning - Local & National Television Programming
    News, sports, religious programming, educational, city council, local programming of all types.
  • Emergency Broadcasting – Breaking news, hurricane and tornado coverage, flood warnings, freeze reports, school closings, etc.
    Remote CART – (Communication Access Realtime Translation)
    Educational environment, corporate meetings, in-house training sessions. You name it. Call us and we will stream your words directly to the Internet for instant reading and review.
  • On-site Events - Conferences and Conventions. Project your words on screen alone or "open captioned" with video. Captioning your event promotes understanding and increases the impact of your message. We can also provide on-site captioning for your weddings, funerals, graduations ceremonies, and sporting events.
  • Webcasting – Realtime voice-to-text translation or your event via our web area or integrated into YOUR company’s website!
  • Transcription - Send us your audio files in mp3 format and we will transcribe the tape and return it to you in the same day. Email us for a quote!

    And much more!

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